Saturday, June 14, 2014

ObamaCare’s Future

The conservative vision – to provide people with vouchers to help them buy insurance individually in a competitive private market – was unacceptable to the Democratic congressional majority.  The liberal vision – Medicare-for-all or some other variant of a single payer system– has never appealed to more than a minority in Congress.”

Henry J. Aaron, Ph.D., “Here to Stay – "Beyond the Rough Launch of the ACA,"  New England Jounral of Medicine,  June 12, 2014

To nobody’s particular surprise,
On the ACA  there’s no compromise.

Pew Research Center’s  latest poll,
Shows party extremists on a roll.

94% of Democrats are to the left of GOP,
92% of GOP is to the right of Dem party.

This means the political middle is shrinking,
And  changes for compromise are sinking.

Pollsters  call this slugfest polarization.
It leads to paralysis  and demoralization.

Source:   Pew Research Center, “Political Polarization in the American Public,” June 12, 2014

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