Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eight Points of Resistance to Obamacare
I believe there is yet a spirit of resistance in this country…and I am sure there is a fund of good sense in this country, which cannot be deceived.
The Letters of Junius (1769-1771)
December 12, 2012 -  On November 6,  the day President Obama won 51% of the popular vote,  only 38% of Americans approved of Obamacare.  What does this difference tell you?

One,  that health care was  not an overriding issue in the campaign.

Two,  that Americans do not fully understand this complicated convoluted law.

Three, that the law’s various provisions have yet to impact most Americans.

I prefer the last explanation.  I predict resistance to the law will grow as good sense about its adverse effects grows.

The most prominent points of resistance will be.

One, the states.  They are digging in their heels by refusing to set up their own bureaucratic health  exchanges. The fear Medicaid expansion and subsides of those 4 times below the poverty line,  will crush their state budgets.  Thus far, only 6 states have accepted government run exchanges, and 21 have resisted.

Two, employers and business owners.   Here the uncertainty factor, and how much federally-endorsed health plans will cost them., are the paramount fear factors.  The most controversial provision is the one that says all businesses with 50 or more full-time employees must cover them with benefit-rich plans or pay a $2000 fine for each non-covered employee.

Three, the young and the individual mandate.  Thought the Supreme Court declared the mandate constitutional,  who have not previously been obligated to buy insurance,  now face fines for not buying coverage.  The young and healthy will resist buying coverage that cost the same for everyone, the old and the sick.  This will cause “rate shock,” and millions will resist.

Four, Congress.  It is no secret that the GOP won control of the House in 2010 because of resistance to Obamacare the heavy taxes it will bring.   These taxes include the 3.8% surcharge for those making over $250,000  and the $63 per person charge for everyone to cover the provision that  those with pre-existing illness cannot be denied coverage.

Five, Governors.    Do not forget that 30 states now have Republican governors and GOP dominated legislatures.  These states are reluctant  to follow health mandates of any kind imposed by  Washington, and will likely pass bills that go against the Obamacare grain,  such as health savings accounts of all state employees as was done in Indiana,  or the right-to-work law just passed in Michigan

Six, religious leaders.  These leaders are mostly Catholics,  but fundamentalists in other faiths as well.  They resent and resist Washington telling  them  they have to cover benefits for such things as morning-after drugs,  contraceptives, and abortions when these services violate their religious beliefs.

Seven,  ordinary citizens.   When Obamacare provisions kick in in earnest in 2013 and 2014,  pay for care will begin to relentlessly increase,  premiums for care will escalate,  benefits will dive, expectations of “free” care for entitlements will be dashed, and doctors willing to provide for growing numbers of Medicare, Medicaid, and federally subsidized patients will  become harder and harder.

Eight, physicians.  Surveys of physician indicate the resist Obamacare by margins of about 2:1.  Why?  Because the law  heavily regulates what they can or cannot do,  forces them to install expensive electronic health record systems,  compels them to prescribe electronically,   cuts their income systematically over 10 years,  offers no hope for tort reform,  causes  them to abandon private practice,  cut ties with 3rd parties to form cash-only or concierge practices,   impels them to stop seeing or reduce services for Medicare and Medicaid patients because entitlement fees do cover costs of seeing these beneficiaries.

Tweet: Despite Obama's election, resistance movement to Obamacare continues to harden and to grow,as the laws consdquences become evident.

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fungus said...

The most controversial provision is the one that says all businesses with 50 or more full-time employees must cover them with benefit-rich plans or pay a $2000 fine for each non-covered employee.