Monday, August 6, 2012

When in Doubt and You Think It Might Be Gout, See Your Primary Care Doc

Drink wine and have the gout, drink none, and have the gout.
Doctor Thomas Cogan (1545-1607), the Haven of Health (1584)
August 5, 2012
My right middle finger joint
Was the painful  flash point
It turned fiery red
It sent me to bed
It hurt like hell
I watched it swell
To three times its normal size
The pain knew no compromise
It pulsated and throbbed
Three nights’ sleep it robbed
I tried the anti-inflammatories
I stopped short of suppositories
I learned the old story
So old now it’s hoary
He who treats himself makes this admission
He has nothing but  a fool for a physician
Finally I went to the wise old doc
He asked if in the past I had gout
Yes, I said, in the toe but not the finger
Well, he said you’ve got it in the digit now
Stay off wine and meat from bull and cow

If those are not the problem, relax
Here are  a few simple hard  facts.

When you' ve got the gout,

The gout will always be about

It is a sleeping metabolic giant,
That  may awake in an articular riot

For distal joints it has s proclivity

To show it's capable of more activity
Stay on your uric acid lowering allopurinol
But it won’t help this bout of gout at all
The doc did not let the pain of this fool linger
In that misshapen, swollen,  throbbing finger
He presribed a six day course of prednisone
The pain, redness, and swelling have flown

In the future, Oh Gout, leave my joints alone
Tweet:  Gout is a painful,  persistent life-long condition that can crop up in unexpected places.

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