Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Winter of Physician Discontent over Obamacare
Now is the winter of our discontent.
Shakespeare (1564-1616), Richard III
May 29, 2012 -   To say that physicians are discontented over the health reform law is an understatement. 
Physicians direct much of their discontent at the Obama administration but also at the AMA, which, they feel, “sold us out” by supporting Obamacare.    Multiple extensive surveys, by  the Physicians Foundation,  and other organizations  document this discontent.
If you want a more vivid, visual  view of  the extent and reasons for physician unhappiness,   go to You Tube and download a seven part video series by Jill Vecchio, MD, a practicing Colorado radiation oncologist and co-founder of doctors4patientcare.com.    The series is replete with powerpoint slides backed by explanatory talk.  
Dr. Vecchio explains in plain language that:
·       AMA membership has dropped from 70% to 17%.

·        The AMA derives $111 million from its coding monopoly and only $20 billion from membership dues.

·       65% of physicians oppose the affordable care act,  and 45% say they will retire or see fewer patients if it is implemented.

·       71% of doctors say there is “no way” they  can care for 47 million more patients at lower costs  under present conditions.

·       The argument over Obamacare is not between “the right and the left” but  between  "ther ight and the wrong.”

·        75% of Americans oppose the new law.

·       Under Medicare and Medicaid doctors are paid less and less for more and more work.

·       Each year 35.000 doctors retire while only 25,000 enter the physician workforce.

Market-based competitive principles would expand access and raise quality.
Dr. Vecchio’s presentations,  first developed in 2010, are sometimes dated. but their thrust is crystal clear. She accurately expresses physician discontent.  
For more recent educational material on Obamacare and its affect on doctors, you might want to watch live stream video of the June 6 Lehigh Valley’s Educational forum (www.usstream./channel/coalition-for-health-care-reform. 
in this educational forum, four health care professionals – two doctors and two nurses – will provide insights into how reform rules, regulations, and cost initiatives will reduce access to care, inhibit  doctor-patient relationships, and take decision-making out of the hands of medical experts and place it in the realm of government experts directing care in the names of  “essential benefits” and “best practices.”   
You should also be on the look out  for results of a Physicians Foundation e-survey of 650,000 physicians regarding the impact of health reform on their practices.

Tweet:  For educational  information on how health reform impacts physicians,  view 7-part video series by Dr. Jill Vecchio on You Tube.

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