Friday, March 9, 2012

Notes and Quotes from Both Sides of Political Aisle

People have no confidence that Washington, both sides of the political aisle, are coming together to do right for the economy.

Michael Bloomberg(born, 1942) Mayor of New York City

This is what bipartisanship looks like: constant rubbish from both sides of the aisle.

George Will (born, 1941) conservative political columnist

March 9, 2012 - As the presidential campaign heats up, politicians and commentators on the two sides of the political aisle, are girding their opinionated loins in anticipation of the debate over Obamacare and the consequences of the upcoming Supreme Court debate and decision on the constitutionality of Obamacare.

Here are two examples from today.

“White House Works to Shape Debate Over Health Law”, by Robert Pear, New York Times, March 9

“ WASHINGTON — The White House has begun an aggressive campaign to use approaching Supreme Court arguments on the new health care law as a moment to build support for the measure seen as President Obama’s signature legislative achievement, hoping to shape public opinion on an issue at the center of the battle for the White House and Congress.

On Wednesday, White House officials summoned dozens of leaders of nonprofit organizations that strongly back the health law to help them coordinate plans for a prayer vigil, press conferences and other events outside the court when justices hear arguments for three days beginning March 26.

The advocates and officials mapped out a strategy to call attention to tangible benefits of the law, like increased insurance coverage for young adults. Sensitive to the idea that they were encouraging demonstrations, White House officials denied that they were trying to gin up support by encouraging rallies outside the Supreme Court, just a stone’s throw from Congress on Capitol Hill. They said a main purpose of this week’s meeting, in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House, was to give the various groups a chance to learn of the plans.”

Review & Outlook, Wall Street Journal, March 9, 2012

“Independent Payment Advisory Revolt: House Democrats turn on ObamaCare's rationing committee”.

“Public opposition to the Affordable Care Act has grown in surprising and unpredictable ways since the entitlement passed two years ago, but few would have predicted then that so many Democrats would repudiate so many of President Obama's core promises. Yet that is happening now, as Congress targets the 15-member central committee that is supposed to control health costs.

The vehicle is a bill from Tennessee Republican Phil Roe that would repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB, the new ObamaCare bureaucracy with vast powers to control health care and health markets starting next year. A straight majority of the House has joined Mr. Roe as co-sponsors—some 234 Members, including 20 Democrats. The bill cleared the Energy and Commerce Committee this week with a vote from its ranking health Democrat and the Ways and Means Committee Thursday, on a voice vote with no recorded objections.

This turn is remarkable because the IPAB really does embody ObamaCare's innermost values and beliefs—to wit, that health decisions are too important to leave to the people receiving the care (patients), the people providing the care (doctors and hospitals), the people paying for the care (taxpayers), or even the people who got the government involved in the first place (politicians). “

Tweet: Democrats and GOP are mobilizing to address controversies of Obamacare, which will be a prominent issue in presidential election.

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