Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Debut of Health Reform Maze Cover and Video

November 29, 2011 - Today marks the debut of the picture of the cover on my new book, The Health Reform Maze; A Blueprint for Physician Practices (Greenbranch Publishing) on this blog. The book is about the amazing maze of U.S. health care and how physicians seek to navigate its twists, turns, rocks, and shoals.

As you can see on the right side of this blog, the book cover features a box containing a diagram of the labyrithic, byzantine, fiendishly complicated maze of the new health system as set forth in the new health care law- variously known as the Patient Protection Affordability Act, The Affordability Act, or simply as Obamacare.

The diagram shows the maze of possible bureaucratic interactions of the President, CMS, the health exchanges, Congress, 159 different agencies, health plans, doctors, and patients.

On the top left of the maze is the President, at the top right of the maze is the Congress, in the middle of Secretary of Health and Human Services, at the bottom left of the maze are physicians, at the bottom right of the maze are patients. The positioning of these people znd entities explains why the new health system is a "top-down" system.

At the upper left of the box you enter complicated innards of the system. As yet there is no exit

On the right side of the blog is a 2 minute video. In it, I speak of the filled and unfulfilled promises of the Accountable Care Act.

Keep these promises in mind when voting next November.

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