Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Wonderful One Hoss Open Ultrasound Scanner

*Apologies to Oliver Wendell Holmes, author of the One Hoss Open Shay

Have you ever heard of the One Hoss Ultrasound Scanner?
It exceeds dreams of the most ardent innovation planner,
It can do almost anything medical in a purposeful manner.
That’s why it’s called the One Hoss OpenUltrasound Scanner.

It has all the properties of a versatile medical verb.
It is active, not passive, and the body it does not disturb
For many diagnosis and therapy uses , it is superb,
It is portable, and bends downward the cost curb.

It can visualize, detect, distinguish, diagnose, destroy, guide, ablate, screen, smash, emulsify, and even clean teeth.
Besides revealing what lies beneath.

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