Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To Get My Arms around Health Reform, I’ve Been Looking at My Blog’s Advertisers

The Web has dramatically changed how Americans do business. One of the big changes has been the shift from traditional advertising to online advertising. This change threatens the very existence of archaic business models of newspapers and book publishers, as readers switch to getting their news and information and buying their products online. This electronic advertising transition effects health care and health reform as well an reflects the turbulence and direction of change.

With these things in mind, I have begun to look at the ads on my blog in earnest. I have tried to analyze where they are coming from and what they portend for the health system. I think of this analysis as a way of getting my arms around what’s happening out there and what the trends are.

This is my preliminary analysis based on 7 categories of advertisers.

1. Health plans - Organizations such as AHIP (American Health Insurance Plans), which represents 1300 health plans and covers 200 million Americans, and AARP, which has over 40 million members, and the big insurers are advertising as they scramble to adjust to health reform.,

2. The big consulting firms - Deloitte and Touche and McKinsey Healthcare Consulting are making their presence felt by offering management services to physicians and health systems on how to cope with reform.

3. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is offering advice to small businesses who feeling threatened and uncertain about health reform and what it means about hiring and their bottom lines.

4. A host of practice management software firms
are offering online services to increase billing efficiencies, reduce DSOs (days it takes from sales to collect revenues), and manage accounts receivable.,,

5. A number of consumer research firms are publishing white papers on the behavior of the new breed of health consumers and how to empower and reach, Health Report2010

6. Large multinationals
– Seimens and GE – are touting their corporate health innovations, as they seek to exploit opportunities in the limitless health care,

7, Firms who see their future in electronic health records, intent on capitalizing on government financial incentives to doctors or in offering low cost or free EHRs and EMRS,and Patient Health Records (PHRs) are on the hunt for new customers., www. Questsdiagnostics. com,

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