Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do-or-Die - "If" Questions about Reform Goals

Is the goal comprehensive or incremental?
If the goal is to be comprehensive,
Will that be too big and expensive?
If the goal is to be incremental,
Will that be too small and experimental?

Is the goal access or cost?
If the goal is to institute broad access,
What will constitute too few – or excess?
If the goal is to decrease cost,
How much needed care will be lost?

Is the goal to set care standards?
If the goal is monolithic government,
Will the rest of us be treated as sediment?
If the goal is prolific markets,
Who will judge each market’s merits?

Is the goal is to make everyone pay?
If the goal is to mandate individuals,
Who will chase down nonpaying criminals?
If the goal is mandate employers,
Enforcement will take a lot of lawyers.

Is the goal to expend $950 billion or $2.3 trillion?
$950 billion includes 10 years of taxes and 6 years of spending,
It requires gimmicks and budget bending
$2.3 trillion includes 10 years of taxes and 10 years of paying,
It reflects total budgetary outlaying.

In the long run perhaps it really doesn’t matter.
If you think of yourself as some political mad hatter,
Just pay your money and take your choice,
A future generation will pay the final invoice.

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