Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blogging, doggerel - The Need for a System to Make Hard Health Care Decisions.

There are those who say to make health decisions,
That will computerize and cure U.S. care divisions,
All we need is a nationalized health care “system,”
A way to decide between the views of “us” and “them,”
Then, we can avoid ideological collisions.

Then, agreed-upon rules will prevail,
Then, we need not heed personal detail,
Then, a neutral numeric system will decide.
Then, we can toss individual disputes aside.
Then, appeals for resolution will be of no avail.

Then, we can rely of data-loaded commonsense,
Then, no longer will we wallow in human suspense,
and squabble about who is wrong and who is right,
Then, it will become as simple as day and night.
The system will choose the right side of the fence.

Fear not, bureaucrats will know exactly what to measure,
What rules to apply to protect the Medicare treasure.
The number crunchers will know what’s effective,
And what treatments are statistically defective,
For the data will decide what is sure and pure.

When it comes to the hard choice,
Do not listen to any other voice,
Count on the federal system.
Do not for a second it condemn,
In its numeric wisdom, rejoice.

Statistics, you will be told, never lie,
You can trust federal figures to the sky.
Unless you distrust data perusers,
And suspect them of being abusers,
Then, you decide what care to buy.

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