Monday, April 13, 2009

Bloggind, doggerel - Running Republican Elephants Out of the Room

Six liberal Democrats of Congress,

To health carereform much inclined,

Congregated at the hearing room,

Their Party’s interests intertwined,

To see what they could do combined.

The First approached an Elephant in the Room,

Grabbed the Megaphone, and his voice did boom,

"We must place them in benevolent government hands,

We must somehow seal their collective doom."

The Second approached another Elephant in the Room,

Mounted the rostrum and spouted collective gloom,

"No, no,' said she, "‘tis Big Pharma,

That’s causing all the big Harma,

Sweep them out< I say, with our big new broom."

The Third approached another Elephant in the Room,

Glowered at his colleagues and with rhetoric in full bloom,

Declared stentorially, "The real purpose of this reform caper,

Is to do away with all those medical records on paper,

Make them all transparent, do away with the aberrant."

The Fourth approached a fourth Elephant in the Room,

Rose to his full height and began to foam and fume,

Boomed he, "‘Tis those damn arrogant physicians,

Who picture themselves as independent clinicians,

Rein them in, if we are to offer care womb to tomb."

The Fifth approached a fifth Elephant in the Room,

Elevated on her high heels and condescended with aplomb,

"What we need," purred she,"is more regulation,

To stifle all that expensive private innovation,

Patients need less, not more, choices to consume."

The Sixth Democrat approached the last Elephant in the Room,

Revved up his vocal decibels and declared,"We all, I presume,

have to assume this is our best chance,

For the cause of our savior, Obama, to advance,

And to run Republican Elephants out of this damn room."

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