Saturday, December 6, 2008

Electronic Health Records, E-medicine - Obama's E-Based Health Reform Push

One tactic Obama used successfuly to win the presidency was mobilizing support and money over the Internet. He raised a record $750 million and kept e-mail addresses of millions who contributed to this campaign over the past two years. Now Obama has became an e-health reform organizer, perhaps an extension of his knowledge gained from Internet fundraising and his community organizing efforts.

Current E-Reform Efforts

Now he is an engaged in an extensive Internet campaign promising to provide universal coverage by the end of his first term. The dimensions of this e-campaign are becoming evident and include.

1. The Obama Biden website which says.

- Obama will make affordable and accessible health care for all

- Obama will lower health premiums by $2500 per year per family

- Obama will promote public health

In addition, the web site asks for comments (it claims to already have over 10,000 suggests and offers free access clicks to Obama videos on health care.

2. Regular Obama Facebooks, with videos featuring Obama talking health care
Basic Promises

Clicking Away

Through these instantly accessible e-sites, Obama can efficiently click away again and again at his basic promises and premises.

- Savings through prevention, EMRs, chronic disease management, medical homes

- Expanding coverage through private and government-run health plans

- Making large businesses cover employees or pay a fine

- Mandating that health plans accept those with pre-existing illnesses

- Having government negotiate Medicare drug prices

- Reforming health care as an integral part of his economic salvage plan

Prospects for Success

Given his election margin (53% vs 47%), large Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, his successful Internet deployment during the presidential run, his cache of millions of email addresses from supporters, the presence of personal computers in 80% of American homes, and his promise of $2500 premium savings for the typical American family, Obama’s electronic mobilizing tactics for health reform may succeed. I would not bet against it. The only things that might prevent Obama-health reform are the economy, the soaring federal budget deficit, and the Department of Health and Human Services current $708 billion budget, 25% of federal spending and on brink of bankruptcy, but Obama is not one to let billions, even trillions of dollars, standin his way. Let the the government printing presses roll.

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