Tuesday, October 21, 2008

blogging doggerel, employers - American Business is Mad as Hell

Prelude: American business are dissatisfied with health care their employees receive. It costs too much, quality is uneven, and outcomes are disappointing. Business doesn’t think it’s getting value for what it pays for. And, rather than waiting for government reform, it’s decided to do something about it.

Businesses, big and small, won’t take it any more,
And, believe me, they have big changes in store.
These changes include work site clinics,
primary care medical homes and mimics.
big innovations at their very core.

Business is changing what it pays for big-time,
It aims to get more for its health care dime.
Health premiums consumes too much revenues,
and contributes too much to board room blues.

Business dislikes uncontrolled expenses, employee dissatisfaction, and indifferent outcomes,
Business pays 1/3 of all health care expenses,
It doesn’t believe it gets value for these enormous sums.

If you give the matter any thought at all,
you’ll see why business moves fast and doesn’t stall.
CEO jobs depend on economic growth,
Shareholders cut no slack for executive sloth.

Growth relies on consistent profitability.
a function of stability and innovative mobility.
When you’re confronted with uncontrolled expenses,
as in health care, you quickly come to your senses.

You ask, what can I change to get better value for what I spend?
How can I above this current mess transcend?
You begin to think of fundamental innovation.
of new strategic locations and new idea creation.

Why not, you ask, deliver care at the worksite,
There you can control care and do things right.
There you can hire and incentivize physicians,
to do the right thing by freeing them from perverse fee-for-service conditions.

There you can have an EMR containing best practice guides,
that will look at problems from the best sides.
There you can give your employees the best generics,
without sales representatives’ brand name atmospherics.

There you can pick specialists to whom you want to refer,
You can prefer the best with whom to confer and defer.
If work site clinics aren’t your nom de plume,
consider referring employees to a medical home.

There primary physicians comprehensive care coordinate,
1/3 less expensively and 1/5 more effectively than the literature for specialty care the current system indicate.
As a business person you can move fast,
faster than those tied to the political mast.

Business CEOs have their survival and jobs at stake,
Government will always grow with lobbyists on the take.
Businesses come and go,
Government is always on the grow.

To cut costs and improve care, you take action.
You can avoid the current political impaction.
You can act on your own,
Nothing is set in stone.

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