Monday, September 24, 2007

Physician Mindsets and Culture - Ten Indications of Physician Restiveness and Cohesion

1. Physicians are intellectually restless, politically edgy, and full of angst about their future.

2. Physicians prefer terse brevity to verbal longevity when discussing current practice conditions.

3. Physicians feel most secure in telling stories of difficult diagnoses, obscure cases, and unknown clinical causes.

4. Physicians dislike being lecturing by others about how to conduct clinical and business practices.

5. Physicians often express skepticism about radical health reform, either from the left or the right.

6. Physicians regard information technologies – either from data mining algorithms or electronic medical records – as overrated.

7. Physicians distrust large integrated systems that reduce them to protocol-following functionaries.

8. Physicians question the value of retail clinics, off-site clinics, and disease management systems in which they do not directly participate.

9. Physicians remain wary of managed care, regarding it as unwelcome, intrusive, ill-informed, and obsessed with cost not quality.

10. Physicians. albeit heterogeneous, represent brotherhood and sisterhood, a common culture supportive and understanding of each other.

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