Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Clinical Innovations - Announcing: Innovation Outlet and Health Care Innovation Association

In my travels around the health care innovation circuit, in the process of writing Innovation Driven Heath Care (Jones and Bartlett, 2007), and in composing these daily blogs over the last four months, I can’t help but notice many of you innovators and entrepreneurs out there teem with ideas on how to transform and better the health system.

But most of you have no timely and convenient outlet to express your heart-felt passions, the state of your businesses, the hard work you have put in, and the results you have achieved.

Therefore, I'm creating this blog outlet to make your innovations known. If you would like to announce your innovations to the blogging world and to those outside that world, I invite you to submit your thoughts on your enterprise to me at I will then provide you with further details. Your submission will be subject to editorial approval. Once approved, I will publish your thoughts on your innovative business on If you are approved, you will become a charter member of the Health Care Innovators Association.

President, Health Care Innovators Association

Richard L. Reece, MD

The co-founder of the Health Care Innovators Association is James Hawkins, MBA, President, Professional Consulting Services and co-author of Sailing the Seven "Cs" of Hospital-Physician Relationships: Competence, Convenience, Clarity, Continuity, Competition, Control, Cash (Practice Support Resources, Inc, 2006, 800-967-7790,

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