Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Silence Not So Golden

We usually  measure a man - or a woman- by what they say, what they do, how they act, and by their body language, how they carry themselves.

But we rarely judge them by what they don't say, what they don't do, what their body language reveals and when they remain silent.

These things seem to be different with President Obama. He is being judged by his silence and delayed comments on controversial issues such as  not using the term "radical Islamic terrorists: his failure to comment on Kate's  Law and the Mexican felon who gunned her down;  his muteness to take the side of the police in police assassinations; his not mentioning  the doubling of health care premiums, the quadrupling of deductibles,  and the narrowing of choices of doctors and health plans; and most recently , his silence in the wake of violent protests against the Trump election.

No doubt Obama regards his silences as a subtle protest social injustices, not worthy of a political correct message.   He may be correct, but his critics say his silences are acts of moral cowardness, of hiding behind his true beliefs.

Silence, it is often said, is golden,
Except, of course, when certain events unfolden,
Then one should seek to clearly express
Of one's failed policies to confess,
Then one's embolden critics one is beholden.


Gladys Misigo said...

These are very important reforms that need to be implemented.

dojuma said...

Implementation is everything.