Thursday, June 5, 2008

Goverment vs market reforms - Obama , McCain Plans, Comparisons in a Nutshell

Now that Obama is in, and Clinton is out, it’s time to compare Obama and McCain health plans.

Individual Mandates

Obama: Require all children to be covered but delay adult mandates until health insurance is affordable for everyone

McCain: None

Health Insurance Access

Obama: Crate national insurance plan with benefits similar to those of federal employees plan. Establish entity to regulate prive plans and help American enroll in private coverage.

McCain: Create a national guaranteed health plan, with sliding scale perimiums, for people who can’t afford insurance.

Personal Tax Credits

Obama: None

McCain: A $2500 refundable federal tax credit for individuals and $5000 for all families to buy health insurance.

Medicare and Medicaid

Obama: Expand eligibility for Medicaid and SCHIP. Have the federal government negotiate drugs prices for Medicare Part D. Reduce subsidies to private Medicare plans.

McCain: Focus more attention on rewarding physicians and hospitals for managing care and treating chronic disease.


Obama favors a more active role of government, which would initially cost $100 billion. McCain would rely on a free-market. Obama would heavily regulate health plans and drug companies. McCain would not. Obama would have government obligate health plans to cover those with pre-existing disease. McCain would place those with pre-existing illness in high risk pools in the states. Everything, it seems, is up for grabs. Nothing will be free for all.


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